Software advancement comes in numerous ways. Indeed, it can allude to site promotion, portable turn of events, application improvement, software programs, back-end improvement, production management software, distributed computing, film production management software, etc. There are more sorts of improvement in the industry with newly added software daily.

It relies upon the task’s extent, it’s required result, the current foundation; the rundown continues endlessly. However, software improvement isn’t made in one plunge in stages, and every one of these will change in a time, dependent on size and intricacy.

Production Tracking and Management Software
Demo Project

One of that software is production tracking and management software. Production has…

After the successful submission of the 1st class assignment, I am back to present you my 2nd class learnings.

The first class was all about selecting a goal, learning marketing fundamentals, communications skills, integrated digital marketing, selecting a niche and a lot more. After the selection of a niche, the next step is quite important and that I am going to tell you ahead.

Before we move ahead, one thing that I was happy about is the internship batch 2 assignment 1 submission rate was 89%. This is above the internship batch 1. …

Digital Deepak, the name has so much power that you have landed up here to read what’s going in the digital marketing field. I welcome you on behalf of Deepak Kanakaraju aka DigitalDeepak.

But before I tell you what’s going on, let me ask you one thing first.

Have you done any digital marketing internship before? Does it have a good impact on you?

Not really?

You are missing out on a gem of an internship that is worth your penny. Yes, you read it right. I have joined the 2nd batch of DigitalDeepak internship. Attending his first class was…

Shubham Dongre

Marketing Enthusiast, Digital Marketer, Sales Funnel Builder

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