Best Production Management and Project Planning Software in 2021

Software advancement comes in numerous ways. Indeed, it can allude to site promotion, portable turn of events, application improvement, software programs, back-end improvement, production management software, distributed computing, film production management software, etc. There are more sorts of improvement in the industry with newly added software daily.

It relies upon the task’s extent, it’s required result, the current foundation; the rundown continues endlessly. However, software improvement isn’t made in one plunge in stages, and every one of these will change in a time, dependent on size and intricacy.

Production Tracking and Management Software
Demo Project

One of that software is production tracking and management software. Production has been the major industry for films and CG and VFX studios for a long time. While many software is available in the market but the one that is most suitable, affordable, and of great quality is the one that will change the game of production planning in 2021. Let’s discuss more on the best production management and project planning software in 2021.

Advantages and How should be a perfect project tracking software look like?

There are many features and advantages of the software named Vani Production Tracking Software. However, here are the top preferences this software can provide to a studio:

1. Software is tailored as per the studio’s specifications

The most transparent and preferred pm software gives credibility to a studio’s precise necessities. Tailor-made software may have a few highlights that could be useful for the studio requirements. Many big and small studios have to work as per the production choices, location management, crew handling, etc. The tracking software comes in handy when all these things are neatly planned and tracked in one platform. The studios will have all the functionalities that are required to arrive at maximum profitability.

Project planning software insights
Software Insights

2. Altered software can be scaled easily

Since customized software is worked for explicit studios rather than a broad reach, it can undoubtedly coordinate with production houses and scale as the studio grows. Vani software has the potential of handling 400+ users which makes it the most reputed software in the industry. Studios can make their custom requirements to the support and Vani will make it happen. At that point, software engineers can construct the software to oblige that you are stuck at. With the upcoming more and more features it is suitable for many industries other than just production.

3. Affordable project planning software of the year

Best pm software arrangements may appear to be huge expensive from the outset. But that’s not the case, Vani software has made it affordable for all. Even the smallest studio has the option of using it as an offline version. It just starts at $6. This is the reason why many project planners are keen on using it for their projects. Check out Vani’s pricing.

Even though custom made software arrangements have higher pricing for advancement and future updates, Vani doesn’t need any extra charges for that. This makes it far more affordable than any software out there in the market and preferably the software of the year.

Check out the link below to see how you can set up a project in just 5 minutes.

4. Modify it as your way

You are paying customary expenses to utilize another person’s item, making you under obligation to their guidelines, features, functionalities, updates, etc. Also, if you choose to quit using their software, you don’t hold anything.

Nonetheless, when you pay Vani you will have a complete hold of your production plan. The software allows users to modify as they want with features like project bidding, task management, project reporting, and many more. This means you have complete control over the software. There are no doubts concerning software advancement. Vani makes the software; studios own it.

Vani: The best project management and production tracking software out there!

Vani has been in the industry ruling the production tracking industry for so many years. It has been utilized in many areas like production, HR, finance, outsourcing. Every other team in the company has a hold on Vani as this software does not need any technical person to operate. The software takes care of the project from start to end without any errors. Simple and good UI makes it easy to use and go from one task to another with ease. It ensures that all the shots are being dealt with and the task pipeline periods are on time.

Task Management and Free trial of production tracking software
Task Management

VFX studio uses it for different purposes like Production Tracking, finances, crews, artist management, retakes, shots, etc. It additionally helps them to arrange these tasks and fabricate special visual reports for the production houses. It is beneficial in refreshing and checking the assignment status of every artist dealing with the studio.

The best project management software likewise assists with good support about the setup and the features. Vani software has a certain one of a kind of highlights that help it hang out in the VFX business. It also gives a FREE trial of production tracking software where one can get hands-on with its features. The features help the project planners to work all the more effectively on various scenes. This guarantees that they draw the shots as the producers want and substantiate themselves as essential resources for the activity venture.


VFX creative studios are continually searching for the Best Production Management Software to help their production esteems and assist them with building phenomenal liveliness. Along these lines, it is significant that studios post for good software to reduce the workload. This is the reason why Vani is considered the most user-friendly and beneficial software. Moreover, various studios are eager to adopt this software to increase their productivity and reduce unwanted costs. However, you can choose this software according to your requirements and preferences.



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