What Should You Know Before Building A Customer Avatar: Class 2 Learnings

Shubham Dongre
8 min readMar 12, 2020

After the successful submission of the 1st class assignment, I am back to present you my 2nd class learnings.

The first class was all about selecting a goal, learning marketing fundamentals, communications skills, integrated digital marketing, selecting a niche and a lot more. After the selection of a niche, the next step is quite important and that I am going to tell you ahead.

Before we move ahead, one thing that I was happy about is the internship batch 2 assignment 1 submission rate was 89%. This is above the internship batch 1. I am so grateful to join this internship program for the motivation that co-interns gives.

The second class is all about building a customer avatar. Attracting every customer is a tough job. Because not every customer is the same and their requirements are also different. For this, understanding customer behaviour is important. Every business has a different customer avatar. To know about your business, you have to take a survey about what people think in that niche. Understanding their responses, we have to develop our business model to succeed. My customer avatar is from the travel niche and I have mentioned my ideal customer in the end.

Before identifying my ideal customers, let’s take a look at class 2 learnings from DigitalDeepak’s internship program.

  1. Carrots/Sticks

I liked the Deepak’s strategy of making interns work. He is not here to burn the intern’s money but to make the way to earn their own money. We have already paid a price to join the internship program and if we don’t complete it within the given time we won’t get it back. This has created a positive pressure on interns to do all assignments perfectly. Deepak referred to this as “carrots”. So if you love carrots, you are bound to complete this. The carrots here mean his rewards, his mentorship, deadlines of the assignment, follow-ups and many more. So instead of sticks, we are getting carrots.

Before I move ahead talking about customer behaviour, I would request you to silent the phone and make this read a worth.

“Distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs”

2. Learn do teach

Learn > Do > Teach

Learn, Do, Teach model

While Deepak has already mentioned “Learn, Do, Teach” in the first class, he again focused on this topic in the second class of the internship. This method is also known as the “Golden Triangle”. Let me explain to you what it is really about.

  1. When you learn a specific tool, you will remember it till the next time you again work on it.
  2. When you learn and do, you will get a practical experience and will understand more than you learned before. But you will not get a complete understanding of that tool.
  3. But when you learn, do, and teach, you will convert learning into understanding and you will remember it for a long time. When you teach, you understand things in a better way.

3. Failures are the stepping stones to success

Have you read my class 1 assignment?

There are some mistakes that you can spot on. But that’s fine, I don’t regret much about it.

Mistakes will lead to success

If I have been regretting that first blog, you may not have the chance of reading this blog. Mistakes are meant to do. I am not afraid about making mistakes because mistakes will teach me for a better tomorrow. Failure is just a byproduct of making something huge.

“Mistakes are future benefits”

Do not be perfect with everything. When you try to be perfect with everything you will end up doing nothing. Complete things first and then move towards perfection. Perfection will come through practice and validation. When you give more and more value to others you will be perfect in that. Perfection needs time. Having patience and practicing it daily will give you benefits.

4. What do you mean by marketing?

Marketing is not just about selling products and making money out of it. To be a well-known marketer, you will have to be an expert in your communication skills.

Communicating 1:1

Do you remember Nokia’s slogan?

“Connecting people”, right?

Well, we will modify it by “connecting with people”. Connecting with people is the biggest skill that comes with years of practice. When you connect with your audience it gives a higher chance of buying the product.

When you are giving a speech or making a video, don’t think that there are many viewers. Think like you are providing information to only one person. When you master these skills you will be less anxious and more confident in delivering your message. And this results in great communication and a better connection between the two.

“If you cannot converse well 1:1, you cannot converse well 1:many”

5. Being Authentic

Have you ever trusted a person so much that you believed everything they told to you?

Every person has their idol and going according to their way is what we believe in.

But why do you trust them every time?

It’s simple. Because they are AUTHENTIC.

Be Authentic

People always believe in real persons. If you try to be fake they will simply neglect you. Sharing your personal stories feels them like you are part of their family. It also applies while selling products. When you try to show real benefits, they will connect with you and buy your product.

And let me tell you that Deepak is already succeeding in being authentic and connecting more and more people. Also, it is my main reason to join this internship.

6. Knowing the right audience.

Understanding the audience is crucial as it gives an idea of the customer behaviour towards your product. To understand customers we need to go step by step for better clarification of the right audience.

Connecting with the right audience
  • First, get the demographics. Demographics is the statistical data of a particular group. It includes age, gender, marital status, income, education, religion, ethnicity, family size, etc.
  • Second is psychographics. Psychographics is understanding human behaviour. It includes hobbies, interests, psychological tendencies, lifestyle, goals, etc.
  • After getting enough results, it’s time to connect with them. Every time when you need to address them, imagine you are making a conversation with just one. It helps to connect better.
  • To reach your customers use email marketing and social media platforms. It is the best way to communicate with them. For the personal touch, try to address them with their first name. It works!
  • Using catchy headlines is the best way to get the attraction of customers. The simple process is Headline > First line > Second line > Third line and so on. Every next sentence should relate to the previous.
  • Once you know your ideal customer, focus on it. If you focus on everyone, you will end up losing all.

“If everyone is your audience then no one is your audience.”

7. Building customer avatar

A customer avatar is nothing but a detailed profile of the ideal customer. Rather than categorizing it in groups, it focuses on only one person and outlines everything about that person.

Responses for my survey form

Deepak taught about how to build a customer avatar through surveys. He taught us what to include and how to recognize your ideal customer. Through this survey, we will find our ideal customer to build a better product.

Considering all these things, I have built my customer avatar in the travel niche.

So let me explain to you about my ideal customer.

8. My Customer Avatar

I have created a survey form to find my ideal customer. To create a form, I have used Google form which is easy to make. Take a look at my customer avatar form below and fill in the details.

Customer Avatar Survey Form

My reason for finding a customer avatar is to customize my marketing strategy based on people’s demographics and psychographics. My business is to provide rented space to people who travel to other places. For that, I have created a survey form to know the ideal customer for my business. I got responses from a few people and here I present my customer avatar.

My Customer Avatar

My ideal customer’s name is Rishi. A man who is 26 years old and hails from the city of Mumbai.

He is currently doing a job in a good firm. His annual income is around Rs. 2 Lakhs which he thinks it is not sufficient to balance the yearly spendings.

He is passionate about travelling and thus he always looks for a good destination. As spending in Mumbai is huge, he travels quarterly in a year by setting his financial budget.

More often he travels with his friends or family to relax.

While he is planning a trip, he always lookout for a homestay because it fits in his budget. His budget for one night per person is around Rs.1000 with a package of stay with breakfast. He is always in search of the best deal.

But, as he is doing a job, he can only go out for a trip on weekends.

As he likes travelling, he opts for a private vehicle to reach the destination rather than public transport.

While choosing his stay, what matters to him the most is good rooms, safety, quality food, and locality.

He has rated himself 4 out of 5 for a well-planned traveller as planning matters to him the most.

Another thing he wishes to have before going on a trip is to have information about the place and surroundings beforehand.

According to this customer avatar, I will design my next marketing strategy. I have curated the points which will be taken care of while targeting my ideal customer.


In class 2, I have learned about why a customer avatar is important. Before starting with any business, one should always find their ideal customer.

According to my customer avatar, I will design my next marketing strategy. I have curated the points which will be taken care of while targeting my ideal customer.

Make your customer avatar by following the simple steps that I have mentioned above.

Stay tuned for my next class learnings.


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